EAP Extract, Epic’s Clarity

by robert on April 10, 2015

Below is a handy SQL script to get the most recent contacts of procedure orders (EAPs) from Epic’s Clarity tables.

EAP Extract, SQL
Description: This SQL script extracts ALL EAPs from Clarity.
The script extracts the most recent contact ONLY,
thereby eliminating unnecessary duplicates. It also
associates the chargeable EAPs back to the original EAP.
Author: robert@rebelwords.org
Date: April 10th, 2015
EAP.PROC_ID as "ID [.1]"
,EAP.PROC_NAME as "Record Name [.2]"
,EAP.PROC_CODE as "Procedure Code [100]"
,EAP.IS_ACTIVE_YN as "Status [60]"


Oregon SB 73, Repeal ORS 107.108

March 29, 2015

Support proposed Oregon Senate Bill 73. The proposed bill repeals ORS 107.108, which authorizes payment of support for an adult child attending school and limits obligation to pay child support to children under 18 years of age or, if the child is still in high school, 19 years of age or less. ORS 107.108, in […]

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Proposed Rulemaking, Oregon Child Support

October 27, 2014

H elp keep an eye on Oregon’s Division of Child Support.  The child support division files proposed rule-making changes from time to time.  The process has very low visibility to the public.  As of today, the only way of requesting notification of proposed changes to the rules of child support in Oregon is to email […]

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