MythTV and Roku

by robert on January 12, 2014

In order for MythTV recordings to be played on the Roku, they must be transcoded to a playable x264 format.  Roku is particularly fussy about this format.  ear9mrn’s script will output a file with the typically ugly MythTV filenames that are (almost) playable on the Roku:MythTV, Open Source DVR

/usr/bin/HandBrakeCLI -i $1/$2 -o $newname -e x264 -b 1500 -E faac -B 256 -R 48 -w 720

The problem with ear9mrn’s HandBrakeCLI script is that the video framerate (more…)


Oregon Child Support Program, Not Oregon Kids

July 18, 2013

Remarkably, the Oregon Child Support Program’s website uses stock photography of children and families that are unlikely to be from Oregon.  While it does give the site a slick look and a fantastical, emotional appeal, the social engineering effect is removed when one realizes these photos are not Oregon families nor involved with Oregon’s child [...]

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Oregon Child Support, New Guidelines

July 12, 2013

The Oregon Child Support program has new guidelines to provide “more clarity and ease of use for professionals and self-represented parties, fairer results and better support for Oregon’s families and children.”  The guidelines were composed by a group of child support professionals, lawyers, academics, and judges.  To this author’s knowledge, this committee was not open [...]

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