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2016 Election Endorsements

Rebel Words endorses the following 2016 candidates and measures: United States President: write-in Bernie Sanders.  Oregon CAN submit a protest vote by writing-in Senator Sanders.  For your write-in to count, you must write it in as “Bernard Sanders” and underneath Bernie’s name “Tulsi Gabbard”, his to-be running mate.  Trump’s and Clinton’s campaigns have demonstrated the corruption and disconnect between the plutocrats and the majority of American citizens.  Senator Sanders has shown all of the qualities that it takes to lead this great nation to it’s rightful place in the world.  There is a movement to write-in the candidate across the nation (more…)
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Oregon Child Support, Inappropriate Orders

Oregon’s Child Support Program has issued a temporary rule as of September 23rd that recognizes that the State of Oregon has not issued “appropriate” orders to parents paying child support orders. “The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement has identified retroactive support orders as a key cause of ballooning, unpayable arrears, particularly when entered for low-income parents.  Large past support awards are a barrier to parental participation and to payment of ongoing support.  The perceived fairness of compensating the custodial parent or the state for earlier periods when the other parent did not pay support is no benefit if that (more…)

EAP Extract, Epic’s Clarity

Below is a handy SQL script to get the most recent contacts of procedure orders (EAPs) from Epic’s Clarity tables. /*********************************************************** EAP Extract, SQL Description: This SQL script extracts ALL EAPs from Clarity. The script extracts the most recent contact ONLY, thereby eliminating unnecessary duplicates. It also associates the chargeable EAPs back to the original EAP. Author: robert@rebelwords.org Date: April 10th, 2015 ************************************************************/ SELECT EAP.PROC_ID as "ID [.1]" ,EAP.PROC_NAME as "Record Name [.2]" ,EAP.PROC_CODE as "Procedure Code [100]" ,EAP.IS_ACTIVE_YN as "Status [60]" ,EAP.SHORT_NAME as "Short Name [107]" ,EAP.PROC_CAT_ID as "Category Code [200]" ,PROC_CAT_NAME as "Category Name [200]" ,EAP.PROC_GROUP_ID as "Cluster/Group (more…)