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Ellen Rosenblum, Fighting Oregon’s Dads as Oregon’s Attorney General

Ellen Rosenblum, candidate for Oregon Attorney General and former Oregon Court of Appeals Judge for 22 years, promises to fight dads if elected.  More specifically, she will “take on deadbeat dads” because this is “what matters most.”  Deadbeat moms are safe.  As Attorney General, she’ll fight any attempts to rollback laws providing equal pay for equal work…unless you’re a deadbeat dad.  In that case, Ellen will make sure the full Oregon law steps in to garnish your paycheck, revoke any professional license you thought you earned, and put you in jail.  Don’t worry, deadbeat moms; you’re safe if you elect Ellen Rosenblum.

The YouTube video for this ad was removed one day after the post date of this entry.

When sexist words such as these come out of the mouths of our justice system and from candidates for Attorney General there is something truly rotten in Oregon’s courts.

Ellen wants to “make sure children are getting the child support they need to thrive.”  Child support payments are not made to the children.  They are made from one parent to another and should be called “parenting income modifier.”  The recipient of child support has no default obligation to spend any of the money on the child.  Perhaps she is suggesting that both sides of child support will be accountable.  That is the only way one of her “biggest obligations” can be met.  Otherwise, her campaign is just vilifying men and using children as a tool to become Attorney General.

Rebel Words endorses Dwight Holton’s campaign for Oregon Attorney General.