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Ellen Rosenblum, Fighting Oregon’s Dads as Oregon’s Attorney General

Ellen Rosenblum, candidate for Oregon Attorney General and former Oregon Court of Appeals Judge for 22 years, promises to fight dads if elected.  More specifically, she will “take on deadbeat dads” because this is “what matters most.”  Deadbeat moms are safe.  As Attorney General, she’ll fight any attempts to rollback laws providing equal pay for equal work…unless you’re a deadbeat dad.  In that case, Ellen will make sure the full Oregon law steps in to garnish your paycheck, revoke any professional license you thought you earned, and put you in jail.  Don’t worry, deadbeat moms; you’re safe if you elect Ellen Rosenblum.

The YouTube video for this ad was removed one day after the post date of this entry.

When sexist words such as these come out of the mouths of our justice system and from candidates for Attorney General there is something truly rotten in Oregon’s courts.

Ellen wants to “make sure children are getting the child support they need to thrive.”  Child support payments are not made to the children.  They are made from one parent to another and should be called “parenting income modifier.”  The recipient of child support has no default obligation to spend any of the money on the child.  Perhaps she is suggesting that both sides of child support will be accountable.  That is the only way one of her “biggest obligations” can be met.  Otherwise, her campaign is just vilifying men and using children as a tool to become Attorney General.

Rebel Words endorses Dwight Holton’s campaign for Oregon Attorney General.

  • Jim Greig

    Dwight is an East Coast, politically connected, shill Democrat for the failed War On (some) Drugs. He’s said “the OMMP is a train wreck” in recent debates. A vote for Dwight is giving more power to the feds.

    Ellen Rosenblum will stand up for patients and all Oregonians. She has always worked in Oregon law after graduating from the U of O. Working first as a lawyer then as an Appeals Court Judge; Ellen is respected and praised by her peers in the legal profession.

    On Ellen’s website, “The priorities of the next Attorney General need to be wisely using our limited tax dollars – protecting consumers and prosecuting dangerous criminals. I do not believe that prosecuting people for possessing small amounts of marijuana represents the best use of our resources. As Attorney General, I will make marijuana enforcement a low priority, and protect the rights of medical marijuana patients.

    • ImpactsofMarijuana

      Holton is the only clear choice, as he will hold those accountable for not obeying the laws of Oregon.

      The results of the Southern Oregon Raids from last year are in the below article.

      Feds Charge Six Tied to Raided Marijuana Gardens in Region


      Holton will hold accountable Oregon Laws that are being abused.

      Holton for Oregon!

  • On her facebook wall, I brought up the issue. One of her supporters tried to shame me, though she stayed well away from doing so. Here is my reply to his email to me. http://masculinists.net/2012/04/victimized-by-a-woman-dont-talk-about-it-bucko/

  • Ema

    Heard this ad for the first time a few weeks ago and instantly thought of all the “deadbeat” moms I have heard of. I will not be voting for Ellen.

  • Shawn

    Oregon law is basic tits over testicles. As a father who owed child support, my pay was automatically garnished by the state. Every six months or so my ex would petition to have my support payments raised. Due to the overloaded caseloads and ineptitude of support enforcement employees, I was given an automatic six month arrearage. At this point my garnishment was increased and paperwork was filed to threaten me that if the arrearage was not covered in a timely manner my drivers license would be suspended as well as hunting and fishing priviledges.

    Now that custody has changed hands, the ex has been ordered to pay support that equals approximately 20% of what I was ordered to pay. She refuses to get a job, (she has been fired from all that she has had for theft). She is now a convicted felon on theft I and criminal conspiracy, and is a chronic meth and marijuana user. After reaching $10,000, her license was finally suspended and now her case is no longer having to be taken care of by support division because as I was told by the local support office, “it was only a matter of time until she would be caught driving.” She doesn’t own a care. So now that the buck has been passed, does this mean that the issue is resolved in their eyes or is it now up to me to seek help from an outside source?

    So with this being an issue of concern to so many who are being discriminated against by biased laws, who out there really is a good choice? A new elected official won’t change the culture of such a large group under them when there is no why to manage them and ensure the same quality from all offices.

    So will simply changing the wording of a commercial make any difference. Words without action are simply a waste and getting a politician to do something difficult or unpopular is simply out of the question. So cast your vote either way. It will not change anything in Salem.

  • Mike

    Once I saw this original commercial I was really upset. I pay child support regularly and for a time I couldn’t afford to send all I was being required to by the state because of a lack of income due to a lack of a job. I was threatened with the usual suspensions and credit reporting and was fed up by it despite not denying my children at all.

    I’ve seen the corrected version where irresponsible parents is used instead of deadbeat dads yet the truth is men are the enemy when it comes to custody and child support cases. We’re the ones who are worked to death to pay bills while we struggle just to make ends meet. Ellen Rosenblum is a clear example of what we don’t need in Oregon politics. She’s already proven her position by screwing over dads, even the ones who actually try.

    Blind justice my ass.

  • Nchiwana

    The fact she changed the ad tells she knows it was wrong. The fact she would even run the ad, in the first place, after 22 years of being a judge tells it is a deeply held belief from ignoring all the evidence.

    The conclusion one must draw from this, if elected and when the political pressure is gone which forced her to acknowledge her error, she will return to basing her decisions on her beliefs rather than the evidence. This guaranties injustice, a perversion of the law, and that all can hope to be equal before it.

  • Bearahna4@yahoo.com

    I am disgusted by this ad and have been since the first time I seen it! I do not endorse her biased opinion. Anyone can change there words but her biased against men is clear. As a woman I feel we all need equal rights despite gender. Not all child support cases are because of deadbeat dads there are plenty of deadbeat parents in our society. We need someone who is not biased and it makes me wonder how deep her prejudice is towards men. Will men truly get a fair trial if she is Attorney General? There is plenty of bad people in this world and there are people struggling who have made bad choices or never made a bad choice in there life. No one is safe from injustice in our society to many times people are considered guilty before proven innocent. How can a person have freedom if another is biased and convicts them based on gender before giving them a chance. I have friends with kids of deadbeat dads but the dynamics of the relationship contributes to the problem. People don’t just become irresponsible they have to learn to become responsible and if we do not provide opportunities for people to earn wages to support there child then we are focusing to much on what they are not doing instead of what they could be doing. Provide jobs and an education and a way to support our children. Focus on supporting our kids education there is so much more to focus on that is positive for our kids. Let’s fix the real issues of education funds and jobs and NOT blame individuals for struggling in this economy. Lets work together to offer our children the best by educating them. Did she ever think that some of those deadbeat dads may be high school dropouts and teen pregnancy and perhaps the education or lack of teachers helped contribute to this issue and if we don’t focus on what is causing these issues then they will continue to grow. You can’t put out a fire by watching it burn! Support families and education by creating jobs and funding our schools. What is that famous saying, ” If you teach a person to fish…”. Seems like she prefers to play the blame game instead of focusing on the why.

  • ImpactsofMarijuana

    In our community prevention work we have worked closely with Dwight Holton our former interim US Attorney’s to strategize ways to rid our communities of illegal drug Crime. Dwight’s character is amazing! He has a great ability to utilize his law enforcement talents to build bridges around all realms of political fences from working with the media, community members and other State, Federal and County agencies. He listens, he works as a team, and then he is willing to take action on those issues that provide safety to our communities. He will also take a stand to draw the line with State programs that are being abused and misused and he is not afraid to verbalize the truth about some of these programs. He is quick to identify fraud and misuse and makes it clear that it will not be tolerated! His presence, personality, approachability, and truthfulness are like a breath of fresh air to those of us who work with him in the trenches to find solutions to dealing with illegal crime in our communities and State.

    It is clear that Holton’s opponent is out of touch with Oregon Voters and her only supporters seem to be those who are illegally opening marijuana distribution centers around the State.

    The results of the Southern Oregon Raids from last year are in the below article.

    Feds Charge Six Tied to Raided Marijuana Gardens in Region


    Holton will hold accountable Oregon Laws that are being abused.

    Holton for Oregon!

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  • Cassidy Brookins

    Ellen was the worst choice humanly possible. As a father to a 2 yr old child, with another on the way(different mother). My life has been literally hell. I work two jobs, basically making 4.50 an hour at one. I have had to fight tooth and nail just to survive because of how biased oregon’s child support system. I’m not with either girl because both had turned out to be cheating whores? the mother of the 2 year old now just pisses away all the money i work so hard for on drugs and gambling. Men are glorified sperm donors, i’m not saying that abortion is ok by ANY means. but the CHOICE of whether to keep a child is the girls and the girls alone.. By that sense of logic the ENTIRE child support system is fucked up. And it is, but especially in Oregon. If you lose your job and can’t pay? they take your license, thus making it 10 times harder for you to find and keep a job. i still have my mine but only because i have fought just to survive here. I work myself almost to the point of wanting to kill myself while her life is all sunshine and rainbows. Honestly? there is little to no chance of the system being fixed so i’m sure it’ll drive me to suicide eventually anyway. Please people fix the system, don’t let so many wonderful hardworking people’s lives go to waste because of some manipulative woman wanting a free ride

    • You’re in my thoughts Cassidy and I completely empathize with your situation. If you’re interested, I’d recommend following the pending lawsuit against Oregon’s DOJ for sexual discrimination, filed last June by one of it’s own employees (Castaneda v DOJ, http://tinyurl.com/koomss6). If it is settled or damages are awarded to the plaintiff, it’ll speak volumes about the state of Oregon’s justice department.

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