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Oregon Child Support, New Guidelines

The Oregon Child Support program has new guidelines to provide “more clarity and ease of use for professionals and self-represented parties, fairer results and better support for Oregon’s families and children.”  The guidelines were composed by a group of child support professionals, lawyers, academics, and judges.  Kate Cooper RichardsonTo this author’s knowledge, this committee was not open to public hearing, although the Oregon Child Support Division reports this to be “…an excellent example of collaboration among stakeholders.”  Noticeably absent on the stakeholder list are people who actually pay and receive child support.

As our friends at the Oregon Child Custody/Child Support Resource blog point out, the division’s own guidelines denote “a significant amount of philosophical resistance based on requiring divorced parents to support college funding when parents in intact families are not required to do so.”  In spite of this resistance, Oregon legislature continues to ignore ORS 107.108 which amazingly permits (encourages?) this extraordinary benefit to the custodial parent and extraordinary hardship on the non-custodial parent.  Despite recommendations from the committee towards a fairer distribution of support obligation, the Oregon Child Support Program “cannot justify the use of the Program’s time, money, and resources to implement the full recommendation or the increase in complexity” (OCSD Director’s Response, May 24th, 2012).  ORS 107.108 represents highly suspect philosophical judgement AND is too difficult for our own state government to manage fairly.  ORS 107.108 should be repealed.  The only party it is serving is the custodial parent.

Proposed SB 341, which would have repealed authorization of ordering child support for adult “children” attending school was not given, nor scheduled, a hearing.  ORS 107.108The following elected officials on the committee assigned to this bill made no attempt to reply to my email or written correspondence.  If you live in any of the following voting areas, I’d encourage you not to vote for the following candidates:

  • Arnie Roblan – District 5 (Oregon coast from Coos Bay to Netarts and parts of Polk and Yamhill counties)
  • Floyd Prozanski – District 4 (Southern and Eastern Lane County as well as Northern and Eastern Douglas County)
  • Betsy Close – District 8 (Albany)
  • Jackie Dingfelder – District 23 (Portland)

Senator Betsy Johnson of District 16 (Scappoose) was the chief sponsor of the bill and deserves re-election.