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Oregon Child Support Program, Not Oregon Kids

Remarkably, the Oregon Child Support Program’s website uses stock photography of children and families that are unlikely to be from Oregon.  While it does give the site a slick look and a fantastical, emotional appeal, the social engineering effect is removed when one realizes these photos are not Oregon families nor involved with Oregon’s child support program.

The image of the happy girl on the swing is a stock photo from here.
Not An Oregon Kid
The image of the Asian girl with the fan can be found here.


There’s another side of child support that’s unlikely to appear on the department’s website.

Thanks to our friends at Tinyeye.

  • David

    Robert……interesting Post. but honestly dude this has to go in the “So What” category. But yes working on child support reform is very good. let’s not pay attention to the pictures though and work on something else

    • I’m glad to hear that the photos don’t make an impression on you. The problem with using stock photography is that it is insincere. When you don’t have your own volunteers, employees, advocates and populations served in your photography, it tells your audience that you are trying to misrepresent or glamorize the ‘real you.’ It demonstrates a lack of authenticity from the program.

  • Rachel Lloyd

    I have a troubled child that has been put in the custody of oya. (Oregon youth authority). I as her mom do have a moral and legal obligation to pay child support. I do not disagree with this. But I do think it is bull shit that the state of Oregon never asked me if I wanted to give up my daughter. My daughter father has never paid a dime into supporting our children. Today I got a packet from child support enforcement saying I owe the state 152.00$ per mo for my daughter. No where does it state that her father has to pay anything for a kid her never raised or paid for. Not to mention my daughter has been mia from oya for over a month now.