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Proposed Rulemaking, Oregon Child Support


elp keep an eye on Oregon’s Division of Child Support.  The child support division files proposed rule-making changes from time to time.  The process has very low visibility to the public.  As of today, the only way of requesting notification of proposed changes to the rules of child support in Oregon is to email Lori Woltring, lori.woltring@doj.state.or.us, and request to be added to the list for child support rule-making updates.

If you pay child support, YOU WANT TO BE ON THIS LIST and read the proposed rules from the child support division.  If you disagree with any of the rules, respond with your concerns.  Be courteous and well-spoken if you expect any kind of motion.

Let the Department of Justice know that the process for rule-making with the Oregon Child Support division needs more visibility.  It is so important for adults, the children they support, and finally the State itself.