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2016 Election Endorsements

Rebel Words endorses the following 2016 candidates and measures:

United States President: write-in Bernie Sanders.  Oregon CAN submit a protest vote by writing-in Senator Sanders.  For your write-in to count, you must write it in as “Bernard Sanders” and underneath Bernie’s name “Tulsi Gabbard”, his to-be running mate.  Trump’s and Clinton’s campaigns have demonstrated the corruption and disconnect between the bernieplutocrats and the majority of American citizens.  Senator Sanders has shown all of the qualities that it takes to lead this great nation to it’s rightful place in the world.  There is a movement to write-in the candidate across the nation and this blog cannot recommend either of the mainstream candidates.  Trump has shown to be a racist, sexist, and fickle windbag.  Clinton has demonstrated that she is above the law, out-of-touch, and more than happy to receive money from organizations (both nationally and internationally) that perpetuate the problem of wealth distribution in this nation.  Additionally, the DNC colluded to out Senator Sanders’ campaign.

United States Senator: Ron Wyden.  Senator Wyden has a long history of fighting the lack of transparency in Washington in areas like FISA courts and CIA mass surveillance.

Oregon Governor: Kate Brown.  Kate has done a bang-up job as an interim governor following Kitzhaber’s exit.

Secretary of State: Alan Zundel.  This was a difficult one.  The State of Oregon has become too cozy with the Democratic party and needs some neutral parties, particularly in the position that oversees voting.

Attorney General: Daniel Crowe.  Ellen Rosenblum’s office ran on a ticket last election season by “going after dead-beat dads.”  As stated many times throughout this blog, the system of child support needs a major overhaul to keep up with society.

Measure 94: No.  Mandatory retirement age for state judges is a good thing just as fresh ideas and perspectives are good things.

Measure 95: Yes.  Allowing public universities to diversify their investments doesn’t hurt anything and allows them to be financially safer.

Measure 96: Yes.  Although I have many reservations about State-sponsored gambling to fund government services as long as Oregon allows it we should use the money to support those in need.

Measure 97: Yes. Change hurts sometimes.  Oregon will be stronger for it.  Oregon is one of three states left in the union without a sales tax.  We are also ranked as the 50th state for corporate tax.  The net result is a never-ending spin-cycle for students, education, seniors, and healthcare.  Generally two sides voice opposition to this measure: large corporations that want to continue their ~8% tax and smaller local operations that sell in big volume with low overhead.  Large corporations threaten to simply raise prices to offset the tax.  This has not shown to happen historically, however.  Simply raising prices to offset a tax is a ridiculous business strategy due to the elasticity of demand.