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Rebel Words understands the value of your private information. Rebel Words (“the site”) will never share the data collected about you to anyone unless you are engaging in criminal activity that involves the site. In that case there will be no compunction about contacting local and federal authorities.

The site collects things like your IP address (and thereby your approximate geolocation), your activity on the site, what kind of browser you like, and what kind of operating system you’re using. Many of the sites you visit daily are quietly doing the same thing. These things are collected and stored to improve the site.

Know that if you use a password for the site, that password is encrypted in all aspects of the transmission and storage. If you provide an email address to the site, understand that that will not be shared with anyone or any organization. The site has no interest in making money from your contact information.

If you disagree with any of this privacy policy as mentioned above, don’t use the site.